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VITINCOM displays

Notice boards and bulletin boards

VITINCOM® is one of the most comprehensive brands of quality display products in Europe: outdoor or indoor notice boards, a large choice of standard sizes, in anodised or painted finish, with or without posts…many offering “QUALITY 7” features.

1 HINGE FREE Wear-resistant, warp-proof integrated hinge.

2 LOCKABLE Exclusive Vitincom® tamper-proof safety lock with hidden latch.

3 FULL DISPLAY 100% of the display surface visible (lock mounted on the door not the glazing).

4 STRENGTH Robust Vitincom® profiles in 4mm anti-vandal Plexichoc®glazing.

5 PRACTICAL Doors easily replaceable in case of major vandalism.

6 ADAPTABLE Reversible door (right opening on delivery).

7 WATERPROOF Elastomer seal & anti-condensation vents.

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