<p>Long-term sustainability and recycling: the twin poles of our environmental approach</p>


Creating more value from fewer resources and opening up infinite possibilities in a finite world, right from the design stage, SPL conceives products with the best raw materials, to ensure optimum performance and optimum possibilities for recycling.

SPL even places an emphasis on reducing the carbon foot print of delivered goods by minimising volumes and using recyclable packaging as much as possible.



With its partners, SPL has implemented a policy of optimising recycling procedures, without in any way compromising the quality of its products:
 - 25% of the steel used by SPL is recycled,
 - 100% of the steel, aluminium, PVC and wood offcuts are recycled,
 - 100% of the waste products (oils, paint, etc.) are processed in a specialised waste-disposal facility.



We’re committed to making our products and operations more sustainable. As well as driving our own success, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do means that our customers and employees – not to mention the planet – will also benefit.

This is fully consistent with SPL’s insistence on the highest quality - SPL manufactures robust products designed for intensive use, thereby reducing the frequency with which they need for them to be replaced.


SPL takes a modern approach for the conservation of natural resources by drawing on the latest research, whether in-house or from an external source.

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