<p>A broad expertise underpinning a quality service.</p>


With its integrated research centre, SPL offers effective and often innovative products which appeal to the general public and which are in perfect tune with communal environments.



With over 30 years of industry experience, SPL has a proven track record in sectioning, moulding, soldering, heating-sealing and treating surfaces.

Ever seeking to move forward, it has been developing its soldering procedures in partnership with Air Liquide, with whom it has signed a partnership agreement for the ongoing training of its soldering experts.



SPL maintain loyal partnership with its clients and provides constant support:
 - in sales terms: a physical presence in seven European countries, promotional activities, training for travelling and on-site sales representatives, etc.
 - in marketing terms: the provision of modern communication tools
 - in logistical terms: many products held in stock, constant monitoring of packaging quality and direct deliveries depending on the needs of the sales outlets

Group /expertises
The SPL teams are professional, multi-lingual and committed to quality - their skills are always at the service of their customers.
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